SharpEdge Currently in Development

Our Content Management System is currently in development. A lot has changed since version 3. We are completely overhauling the code in the process, updating to CodeIgniter 4.4. If you have used SharpEdge in the past you would maybe know it was built on CodeIgniter 2. So a lot of things have changed since CodeIgniter 2.

In this process we have also thought about new features and better more intutive UI in the admin area. Our goal is to make our Content Management System more user firendly, and easy to use. I beleive that i am in the process of doing just that. 

SharpEdge Version 4 will be available in the not to distant future. We will also be providing our Website Development Plans, which will help in getting you started on your latest project or even rebuild something else. Eitherway we will be in a position to offer great services for affordable prices. All will be powered by SharpEdge